The corporate management philosophy of KW zone is present and future visions.
KW zone was established in 1983 and has extended its business to an international
level for over 20 years. Today, KW zone has become one of the leading manufacturers
of aquarium accessories and gift products for the consumer and professional markets.

KW zone's key growth strategies are fourfold: to expand its channels of distribution in
important markets around the world; to complement its existing product offerings with
an active product development program; through its marketing programs, to enhance
customer awareness of the product designs, quality and value that KW zone offers;
and to provide levels of customer service that ensure a superior shopping experience.
By consistently pursuing these strategies, KW zone has strengthened its competitive
position among international market.

Today, KW zone has extended its manufactured products to Malaysia, United States,
Singapore, Thailand, Japan, Korea, China, Hong Kong, Taiwan, Australia, New Zealand,
South Africa and some Middle East and European countries.